Daily parking ticket

Efficient parking with a daily parking permit

Daily parking ticket

For longer-term parking on public streets, it is possible to purchase so-called visitor parking permits (daily parking permits). The price per day parking permit is € 3.00, the minimum purchase quantity is 5 permits. The issue is limited to 20 tickets per year. Please bring your identity card with you to prove your place of residence.

The use of municipal parking spaces is becoming increasingly flexible and user-friendly thanks to the daily parking permit principle. As the ideal solution for all those who want to park their vehicle for several hours, the day parking permit offers cost-effective and uncomplicated processing.

Einfachheit und Bequemlichkeit

Simplicity and convenience

With a day parking permit, drivers can park their vehicle in a specific location for the whole day without any complications or stress. There is no need for time-consuming redemption or searching for a new parking space.


Cost effectiveness

Instead of purchasing several short-term parking tickets, the daily parking permit offers a cost-effective alternative for using the parking space over a longer period of time.


User friendliness

Daily parking tickets are issued via a user-friendly system and can be purchased either via a mobile app or at a parking ticket machine.



The day parking permit is suitable for both planned day visits and spontaneous trips into the city, offering a simple and carefree parking solution. 

The day parking permit is only available at our head office in C 1, 13. You can check whether you live in the authorized districts here.


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Dear customers,

The pedestrian tunnel from Lindenhof to Mannheim Central Station is once again barrier-free. The first elevator system went into operation on Friday, June 14. At the same time, bicycle gutters were installed on the stairs so that they can also be used more easily by cyclists.

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